Business FAQs

1What are the options for business/commercial users?
With Angie you have three options for business connectivity:

- Wireless Extreme – Home Office

- Wireless Extreme – Business

- Wired Extreme

For extensive information about these options you can click here.
2What is the difference between Wireless Extreme and Wired Extreme?
Wired Extreme is based on Angie's 10 Gigabit fibre optic connection laid all the way to and inside your building. Wired Extreme is a great option for businesses that need ultra-high speed Internet connectivity, but it is also a great option for demanding consumers.

If you live or work in one of our 3,000 pre-approved buildings or in the same post code, Angie can realise a 10 Gigabit fibre optic connection to your building.

For extensive information about Wired Extreme you can click here.
3What is the risk-free order?
The risk-free order is currently only available for people living and working in Slough and the Greater London region.

In the event that Angie cannot provide the Wireless Extreme service within the indicated period, Angie will inform you about this and provide an updated date for the actual delivery of the service.

Coupled with this is the risk-free order, whereby Angie will return your paid fees (if any) if Angie cannot deliver the service, or Angie will provide a mutually agreed discount to you if the service will be delivered at a mutually agreed later date.

If you are ready to order, sign up now, risk-free, and become an Extreme Pioneer!

For businesses, the options listed here will be relevant.

Wireless Extreme - Home Office: £40 (Ex VAT) (information)

Order Wireless Extreme - Home Office Wireless Extreme - Business: £69 (Ex VAT) (information)

Order Wireless Extreme - Business Wired Extreme - Fibre Optic: £99 (Ex VAT) (information)

Order Wired Extreme - Fibre Optic

But there is an offer for home office users, too:

4Where can I find the Wired Extreme explainer video?
You can watch the Wired Extreme explainer video here.

And you can watch the Wireless Extreme explainer video here.
5What is an Extreme Pioneer?
Extreme Pioneers are the early adopter, the visionaries, the techies, the gamers and the geeks. But any of our customers can be an Extreme Pioneer too.

You can find more information about the Extreme Pioneers scheme here.
6Why haven't I heard much about Angie?
You didn't hear much about us because Angie has mainly been working in stealth mode, for a long time (see news and partners).

Angie is readying the UK for wireless Gigabit internet, TV and Telephony.

Soon there will be hundreds of Fibre Linked Aggregation Points in London, directly connected to Angie’s global fibre optic network. On top of that, a huge network of Access Points and extenders will be installed across the region. As such, Angie is building a true mega-highway in your neighbourhood, your region, and in the entire UK.

If you live or work in one of our 3,000 pre-approved buildings or in the same postcode, Angie can, in mutual agreement with you and/or your landlord/building manager, realise a 10 Gigabit fibre optic connection (2.5 - 3 months lead time) to your building.

Wired Extreme is at the core of the Wireless Extreme network because it also serves as the enormous backbone for the latter.

For extensive information about Wired Extreme you can go here.
7Can I really get a Gigabit connection?
Yes. With Wired Extreme you will get ultra-high-speed internet access of up to 1 Gigabit per second, made possible by the most advanced, next generation, Wi-Fi technologies that are connected to Angie’s fibre optic network.

And you (and your customers/visitors) can use Wi-Fi via Wired Extreme on your existing devices. There is no need to invest in expensive new devices.


You can generally expect a Gigabit connection whenever you really need it. If you repeatedly don't get a Gigabit speed (while your devices are technically capable to), you can contact our technical department. They will make sure to check what's wrong in your area and, if needed, we'll increase capacity (thus speed) in your direct area so that you'll get a Gigabit connection after all.

Read the FAQs Technology for further information about Wireless Extreme and the amazing technologies and applications behind it.

Angie can also connect your own company network (wiring) and devices to Angie’s equipment. This is highly recommended for business users.
8Can I get Gigabit Service for my (small) business?
A shopkeeper (clothing store, dry cleaner, bakery etc.) can subscribe to AWL Home Office too, but offices and establishments where people can sit or work, a Wireless Extreme - Business or Wired Extreme subscription is necessary.

  1. You'll get a Gigabit connection for a guaranteed low price for 24 or 36 months.
  2. As an Angie Extreme subscriber, you'll get Angie's premium service. You can promote this by way of the special Angie Extreme symbol sticker on your door or window. Your customers will soon become familiar with the Angie Extreme symbol through advertising and promotions.
  3. As soon as your customers see the Angie Extreme symbol, they'll know that you are offering them the premium Angie Extreme Gigabit service, free of charge. This symbol will increase the attractiveness of your business.
  4. Angie will take care of the investment in your business. All you have to pay is the low monthly fee.
For more information, please click here.

9How can my customers or visitors use Wired Extreme?
Your customers can use the Wi-Fi via Wireless Extreme service on their current devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops etc.) that they use to access Wi-Fi elsewhere.

They will be able to work and play without data caps.

While Wi-Fi via Wireless Extreme is based on the newest and most advanced Wi-Fi technology, 802.11ac Wave 2, it is also (backward) compatible with your customers' existing devices that use older Wi-Fi technology generations.
10Are any sites or apps blocked by Wired Extreme?
No, we don't block websites or apps, unless we are forced by law. We take “Net Neutrality” seriously. We guarantee a neutral position.
11What are the advantages of Angie Extreme compared to Cable, DSL or Fiber?
Most providers are:

1. Not able to deliver Gigabit speeds over their existing networks/systems.

2. Not able to offer a Gigabit service at a low price for a long period.

3. Not able to have you online, up and running, within a few minutes. For example, when you move, you have to wait for weeks before you can get connected.

4. Not able to make a Gigabit connection available everywhere, because you are tied to a wire or cable.

5. Not able to add extra capacity in your neighbourhood. Your connection gets slower when more people in your neighbourhood start using the service. Angie can, whenever and wherever required, add extra capacity (and thus speed) within a matter of days.

Read the FAQs Technology for further information.
12Can I get technical support?
Yes, but before you request any assistance, please use the search function on the website (top right). If your question is still not answered, we prefer that you send us a quick email at or a twitter message. In case we don’t respond within three office hours, or if you need a quick but urgent response, you can call Customer Service at 0203 734 1136 or try to contact us through Live Chat (Mon-Fri, 8am to 4pm, Saturday & Sunday, 11am to 4pm) or the various customer care options listed in the Contact section.
13What are the prices for a business subscription?
Read the Business section for further information about Gigabit service for your business.
14When do I have to pay?
You always pay upfront, for the first time after your pre-sale months (if applicable) are deducted. For detailed information, please

read the business section for further information.
15Why do I have to agree with the Terms of Service and Customer Agreement?
This is a legal requirement, and we also want you to understand what the Wireless Extreme service is and what we are promising you. We also want to ensure that you make appropriate use of your Wireless Extreme subscription connection.
16Where can I find the Terms of Service and Customer Agreement?
You can find the Terms of Service and Customer Agreement here, or scroll down to the Footer and select the link from the Legal section.