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1What is so revolutionary about what Angie is doing with Wireless Extreme?
What the Angie team and its partners have achieved is simply astounding. The last revolutionary telecommunications access infrastructure that was introduced to residential users was Fibre To The Home, in which Angie's founding team played a pioneering role. Now, Angie is again introducing gigabit connectivity at the access level, but this time it will be done wirelessly – we call this “Virtual Fibre to the Home”.

There are three other revolutionary aspects to Wireless Extreme:

1. You get a Gigabit connection, whenever you need it;

2. You get a Gigabit connection, wherever you need it - city-wide, nationwide - everywhere in Wireless Extreme coverage areas;

3. You get a Gigabit connection, in all of Angie's international coverage areas.

Besides building a wireless network based on the most advanced technologies, Angie also builds and brings fibre optic infrastructure to your neighbourhood.

While there may have been no fibre optics in your neighbourhood, we will bring fibre as close as possible to the wireless (and mobile) user. This fibre optic backbone is essential for the capacity of our Wireless Extreme network in your street and your neighbourhood.

For example, Angie will:

- bring fibre optic capacity to Wireless Access Aggregation Points (e.g. at Wired Extreme locations) for the backhaul and distribution of the wireless capacity.

- create fibre optic backhaul from your neighbourhood to Angie's own network and the internet with switching capacities of 100 Gbps, and in many cases multiple 100 Gbps.

- in addition, we also install hundreds of Street Level Access Points, extenders, relayers and sector antennas that distribute the wireless capacity in your direct surroundings and bring it to and into your premises.

This all ensures that we create a network capacity of 100+ Gbps in your neighbourhood. You can generally expect a Gigabit connection whenever you really need it. If you repeatedly don't get a Gigabit speed, you can contact our technical department. They will make sure to check what's wrong in your area and, if needed, we'll increase capacity (thus speed) in your direct area so that you'll get a Gigabit connection after all.
2Why haven't I heard from Wireless Extreme?
You didn't hear much about Wireless Extreme because Angie has mainly been working in stealth mode, for a long time (see news and partners).

Angie is readying the UK for wireless Gigabit internet, TV and Telephony.

Soon there will be hundreds of Fibre Linked Aggregation Points in Slough and Greater London, directly connected to Angie's Angie’s global fibre optic network. On top of that, a huge network of Access Points and extenders will be installed across the region. As such, Angie is building a true mega-highway in your neighbourhood, your region, and in the entire UK.
3What is so special about Wireless Extreme?
Everything about Wireless Extreme is unique. With Wireless Extreme appearing on the scene, a new era in the world of electronic communications has dawned. The “follow me” network is now becoming a reality: you can subscribe to the Wireless Extreme service and use it practically everywhere – at home, at the office, at the coffee shop and everywhere in between.

As such, Wireless Extreme is a new, enhanced way of ultra-high-speed outdoor connectivity, using your own Wi-Fi devices, with up to 1 Gigabit speeds. It is also a cheaper and more convenient alternative for your current cable or DSL (and even Fibre) service.

The secure Wireless Extreme service is, for example, a great and convenient way to be productive on your laptop or tablet while on the move, out and about. We promise you unrestricted and unlimited Gigabit wireless access anytime, anywhere, anyhow – in all our rolled out markets worldwide.


You can generally expect a Gigabit connection whenever you really need it. If you repeatedly don't get a Gigabit speed, you can contact our technical department. They will make sure to check what's wrong in your area and, if needed, we'll increase capacity (thus speed) in your direct area so that you'll get a Gigabit connection after all.

Legendary basketball player Rick Barry, member of the NBA Hall of Fame, has been involved with Angie since 2008. You can watch the Wireless Extreme explainer video about Wireless Extreme, featuring Rick Barry, here.
4How is a Gigabit Wireless service possible?
The time is finally here. Technological developments in the wireless field have finally reached a tipping point, a historical milestone.

With the arrival of 802.11ac Wave 2 (the second wave of 802.11ac standard) Wi-Fi has become truly revolutionary. For the first time in history, wireless technology has surpassed standard wired technology on the access level. This technology has become available only recently.

The technology is available only now because it had to be standardised and become robust enough.

Something even more exciting is coming up: wave 3.

802.11ac Wave 3 will extend the wireless revolution that Wave 2 has unchained - further towards the 10 Gigabit per second (per Access Point).

By installing the most recent 802.11ac technologies at the Access Level, and with the utilization of several other advanced technologies and applications (such as 100 Gbps switching per Access Aggregation Point), Angie can create the perfect combinations to provide reliable, robust wireless Gigabit services as well as Ultra-HDTV and telephone services. A more convenient, better and cheaper alternative for your current Cable or DSL service.

Due to the fact that Angie doesn’t own and thus has to maintain and integrate legacy infrastructure, the company is free to entirely focus on the most advanced technological developments in both the wireless and wired segments.
5What are the advantages of Wireless Extreme compared to Cable, DSL or Fiber?
As soon as Wireless Extreme has been rolled out in your neighbourhood or city, you don’t need to be attached to a cable or wire.

Furthermore, most providers are:

1. Not able to deliver Gigabit speeds over their existing networks/systems.

2. Not able to offer a Gigabit service at a low price for a long period.

3. Not able to have you online, up and running, within a few minutes. For example, when you move, you have to wait for weeks before you can get connected.

4. Not able to make a Gigabit connection available everywhere, because you are tied to a wire or cable.

5. Not able to add extra capacity in your neighbourhood. Your connection gets slower when more people in your neighbourhood start using the service. Angie can, whenever and wherever required, add extra capacity (and thus speed) within a matter of days.
6Who are the techies and engineers behind Angie and Wireless Extreme?
The driving force behind Wireless Extreme is Angie’s team of reputed people with a combined 500 years of experience, of which a combined 180 years as a team. The company’s executive team consists of 20+ experts and pioneers from the Next Generation communications industries, jointly bringing more than 300 years of experience to the company.

Angie´s Group CEO, Neal Lachman, is an expert with more than 20 years experience in the field of communications – he literally wrote the book on Next Generation communications (2007) and is Angie’s lead researcher in matters of 5G mobility; Dr. El-Sherif, a 40-year-veteran pioneer in the field of fiber optics and electronics, former professor at Drexel University (PA, USA) of 25 years, serves as the Company’s Chief Technology Officer and Gregory Nemitz, Angie’s CEO Americas, has more than 20 years of telecom experience and is a 5G communications expert.

Angie’s other executives are all experts with proven track records in the communications industry.

Angie is a frequent contributor to international policy consultations in the matter of Next Generation communications. See, for example

- Angie’s response to the USA FCC’s Notice of Inquiry in the matter of spectrum above 24 GHz (Visit www.5Gwe.com).

- Angie’s response to UK Ofcom’s Call for Input on Spectrum above 6 GHz for future mobile services (Visit www.5Gwe.com).

For further information, please visit our corporate website.

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