Update May 5, 2017: the first test results at one of the many upcoming 10-Gigabit hubs are in. Click here for the pics. 

Update May 11, 2017: Angie and its technology consortium partners published a 5G document and press release. 

Wireless Extreme will be rolled out nationwide in the UK in 4 phases:

  1. By end of 2017, many parts of Greater London will be ready for Angie’s Wireless Extreme Gigabit service. London residents and businesses can already sign up, risk-free.
  2.  Several large cities following next (view the preliminary schedule here).
  3. Over the course of 2018 and 2019, we will roll out in the rest of the UK.
  4. By year end 2019, almost the entire UK will be “Extreme”.

Furthermore, if you live or work in one of our 3,000 pre-approved buildings or in the same postcode, Angie can, in mutual agreement with you and/or your landlord/building manager, realise a Wired Extreme 10 Gigabit fibre optic connection (2.5 – 3 months lead time) to your building. (Read more about Wired Extreme.)

Search for your post code (e.g. EC4) and then zoom in to see whether your building or neighbourhood is a pre-approved fibre zone.

Read the FAQs Consumers for further general information.

Read the FAQs Technology for further information about Wireless Extreme and the amazing technologies and applications behind it.

Legendary basketball player Rick Barry, member of the USA’s NBA Hall of Fame, has been involved with Angie since 2008. You can watch the Wireless Extreme explainer video about Wireless Extreme, featuring Rick Barry, here.