Update May 5, 2017: the first test results at one of the many upcoming 10-Gigabit hubs are in. Click here for the pics. 

Update May 11, 2017: Angie and its technology consortium partners published a 5G document and press release. 

Everything about Wireless Extreme is unique. With Wireless Extreme appearing on the scene, a new era in the world of electronic communications has dawned. The “follow me” network is now becoming a reality: you can subscribe to the Wireless Extreme service and use it practically everywhere – at home, at the office, at the coffee shop and everywhere in between.

With Wireless Extreme you will be able to work and play at speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second.

  • You can already fix a guaranteed low price for 1, 2 or 3 years, entirely risk-free.

You can:

– Also subscribe to Angie’s Ultra-HD TV service.
– Get a telephone subscription for unlimited calls.
– Get a mobile phone subscription.

As soon as Wireless Extreme has been rolled out in your neighbourhood or city, you don’t need to be attached to a cable or wire.

Furthermore, most providers are:

1. Not able to deliver Gigabit speeds over their existing networks/systems.

2. Not able to offer a Gigabit service at a low price for a long period.

3. Not able to have you online, up and running, within a few minutes. For example, when you move, you have to wait for weeks before you can get connected.

4. Not able to make a Gigabit connection available everywhere, because you are tied to a wire or cable.

5. Not able to add extra capacity in your neighbourhood. Your connection gets slower when more people in your neighbourhood start using the service. Angie can, whenever and wherever required, add extra capacity (and thus speed) within a matter of days.

Read the FAQs Consumers for further general information, and read this consortium document for further information about Wireless Extreme and the amazing technologies and applications behind it.

Legendary basketball player Rick Barry, member of the USA’s NBA Hall of Fame, has been involved with Angie since 2008. You can watch the Wireless Extreme explainer video about Wireless Extreme, featuring Rick Barry, here.